This is my hand on the Viet Nam Wall I could not pass this oppertunity up.

Me and two of my Vietnam buddies Rick and T.C. we were goofing around that day fun times just like back in the day, note! the Team Ring DaNang cap and Island Hopper shirt that Roger is wearing I gave to him the day before, when I gave them to him I said T.C's back, Below is a awesome photo of Tom Larry and Frank Sinatra taken on the Magnum set, Frank is telling Larry to show his Ring off.



Welcome to My website I am Robbie I have been collecting personal owned and autographed items for the past 40 years now, I own some very cool items and I will be putting them on My site for you to enjoy and maybe even own if the price is right, I do have some items that will not be for sale but will show anyway just for you to enjoy.

I have a very long resume as I have done so much in my life, I still have the first job that I ever had I work in our family owned business as a ceramic tile setter, Although I still have the same job with this economy like it is I have to sell off some of my collection to survive, I was once an Aircraft model engineer for NASA in the 1980's, I am also a custom jeweler, the two reasons why I became a custom jeweler is I wanted to recreate a Magnum PI team ring, I wanted an exact copy of the ring well I accomplished that, also I wanted to recreate the most famous badge that Elvis Presley owned his Federal Narcotics Badge, from the Bureau of Narcotics Dangerous Drugs, I accomplished this as well, I was at one time a licensed firearms dealer witch was pretty interesting.

But my NASA days were the coolest by far, I met so many cool and interesting people in person I made Aircraft models for a couple of US Presidents, I met the sectary of defense, and the secretary of the Air Force War heroes like Gregory Pappy Boyington, that is were I first started to like Larry Manetti because he was on a TV show called Baa Baa Black Sheep it was about Gregory Pappy Boyington and the group of guy's that he made into WWII Fighter Aces, I also met Jimmy Doolittle, Paul Tibbits, Chuck Yeager, the list is quite long.


Now my focus is on the Entertainment industry, it is becoming so awesome for me I just love it I have met so many awesome folks like Peter Fonda, Earnest Borgnine, Dom Delouise, Erik Estrada, (I now own one of his CHP uniforms from CHiPS TV show) I have met Tom Selleck and made him some Magnum PI Jewelry, I have met Larry Manetti and made him also some Magnum PI Jewelry, I met Roger E. Mosley and completley outfitted him with a Team Ring a Burgandy Island Hopper shirt and a DaNang cap, after I gave him all that stuff I said T.C. is back he thought that was so cool, I have met Taylor Dayne, 80's Pop singer Tiffany, Movie Legend Tony Curtis, I will post pictures of me and a lot of Celebrities for you to enjoy well that is my story and now come on in for the good stuff, I will be leading the way at Mach 3 so hang on its going to be an awesome ride.





Here is me and T.C. man Roger and his wonderful wife was so nice to me they are some great folks he was telling me of the people that he worked with good lord he has worked with the biggest names in the movies from Frank Sinatra to John Wayne and my all time faveroite Redd Foxx, Larry and his wife was right next to them I have seen and met Larrys wife before she is real nice I really like these guys they are genuine in that they appriciate there fans.



Here is me Robert Loggia who played Philippe Trusseau in Magnum PI. I made him a team ring and he just loved it he wore it all day what a genuine nice man and he does appriciate fans, He did not remember doing Magnum PI so I told him about it and what he played and that Tom took his ring off his finger and that I was replacing it for him, he said wow this is so nice of you and put it on his finger right away, I have now made each of the Magnum PI team members team rings, He signed a photo I had of him and Tom wearing there Team Rings and added Thanks for the ring, he also signed one of my prop 45 pistols that I make.

My Blog posts for everyone to read.

I am pretty excited about my newest coolest project, I am going to be putting together a brand new Jewelry site it's going to be a great online store complete with checkout, and lots of affordable top line jewelry items and some other cool stuff I am going to have a online swapmeet so keep checking in I am going to have it redy for christmas I am working on it now and will post as soon as I get it finished Ok stay Tuned for more exciting news from Rocknrobbie.

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