Here you will find my collection of French Cross of Lorraine rings, and necklace charmes, and other cool items, that I have had the awesome oppertunity to make for a some awesome people check out my French Croix Team Rings.


I can now offer custom printed dog tags these are military spec dog tags with a 30" chain and a 4" chain I am offering both tags and chains for $6.50 if you want a pair email me and let me know they are printed on my WWII military dog tag printer pictured above.


Here is my New French Cross Team Ring, in solid Silver, this is a great new design I just love it anyway check out my other french cross of lorraine rings and charms, this ring is solid and heavy it has some waight behind it. This is a high end piece of jewelry. (Email for current price quote.)

Here is my cross of lorraine team ring, in solid 14k gold this is a beautifull recreation of the French Croix Team Ring.(Email for current price quote.)

Here is my all new Magnum PI custom designed Military ring. I have had the idea of making this ring for years now there was a similar one made for the fans of Star Trek, I thought that was so cool so I went to work on this one it had to be perfect so I sat down and started designing it one morning on a paper towel I would improve on it every time I had another thought until I finely got it perfect now I have created a custom design Magnum PI Military ring, by taking every aspect of the main Magnum PI characters and then putting them into this awesome Military style ring, on one side I included the name Magnum and the US Navy Seal Trident emblem and the US Navy Surface Warfare emblem along with the dates 67-75 to represent the Thomas S. Magnum character. On the other side I added to the top Vietnam with the Cross of Lorraine emblem along with the US Marine unit patch VM02 Da Nang emblem them I added the names Rick and T.C. for the two faithful military comrades the buddies of Thomas Magnum Then on the top I added the name Magnum PI along with the dates 1980-1988 to represent the time the show aired along with a real nice looking black stone. This is a large ring that is very well made I offer it in a variety of metal and finishes, This one is made out of Sterling Silver just because of the price of gold being so high these days, also it is a very durable metal that will keep its detail for many years to come this ring is copyrighted to protect my investment, if you want an awesome ring then this is the one, you can were it anyplace and no one will know that you belong to the secret society of the Magnum PI fans.(Email for current price quote.)

Here is a cool item it is a Navy Blue tank top with the king kamehameha image printed on the front.(Email for current price quote.)

Here is a DaNang Cap that is so close to the real one it is a great all around cap fits great looks great.(Please check on Availability of this product)

Here is a nice item it is a US Naval Academy T-shirt just like the one that Tom has on in the episode Death and taxes when he is running and runs into the tabloid interviewer, the design is printed across the back, this is a real nice looking shirt. (Please ask about availability for this product)

Here is a real cool item it is a Island Hopper T-shirt that we made up this is the same that you see T.C. wearing on almost every episode, with the printed logo on the front and the back, in fact when I met Roger E. Mosley (T.C.) I gave him one of these shirts a Team Ring and a DaNang cap, see photo below he loved them and he could not believe I just gave him all these items I told him that T.C. was back, He kept saying Larry who is this guy? I had a blast with these two awesome guy's these shirts come in Black, Burgandy,Navy Blue. (Please ask about availability for this product)

Here is a real cool item it is a Island Hopper Apron this is the same kind of apron that T.C. used when he was making his Bayou cajon flaming hot chili in the episode Tora Tora Tora, it is white with green printed Island Hopper Logo screen printed.

Here is a real cool item it is a para cord survival bracelet, I brade these myself I add a small plastic buckle and I can even put custom cast emblems on them you can see in the photos above and below. These are so cool for every inch there is one foot of para cord these are made of military spec 550 strand para cord, I can make them in solid Like the USN Aviator one pictured, or I can make them in two tone like the Purple Heart inspired one that I have pictured with a USA Air Assult emblem attached. I can make them plain or with emblems it's your choice.

Here is a one of a kind item it is a awesome piece it is a Magnum PI display of a shirt with the a Hawaii king kamehameha profile printed on it, this is just like the shirt that you see Tom wearing on the show opening scenes when he is on his surf ski, it also features a photo of him wearing his and a photo of Tom on his surf ski with his in person autograph.(This item has been sold!)


Here is the gold money clip I made for Tom Selleck, along with his Team Ring his POW Bracelet and a Rolex GMT Master.

Here is My personal Diamond Team Ring, I added 13 Diamonds to the cross and gave the whole ring a nice texture, this is another Magnum PI team Ring Design, that I have seen, I liked it so much I made myself one.

Here is an awesome item it is a scale replica of the Hughes 500D Helicopter that T.C. is flying in almost every episode of Magnum PI. This model is in the Island Hopper colors and is about 10" long and is complete finished ready to display on your desk. (Also I have a few metal plates for the helicopter base signed by Roger E. Mosley T.C. Check for availability on the plates)


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